Information Page - Instructions / Manuals

Cobb Instruction Manuals

  Serial Number Location PDF
  V3 AP Adding/Removing Files with AP Manager PDF
  V3 AP Datalogging (How To) PDF
  V2 AP Datalogging (How To) PDF
Mitsubishi EVO X    
  Datalogging and Driving Conditions PDF
Subaru STI / WRX / LGT / FXT    
  Datalogging and Driving Conditions PDF

EcuTeK Instruction Manuals

ProECU Software    
  How To Download ProECU Software PDF
  How To Download and Apply License PDF
  How To Program Vehicles ECU PDF
  Introduction to Datalogging PDF
  Retrieving ProECU Log Files PDF
ProECU Vehicle Logging    
  Subaru BRZ Datalogging Parameters IMG
  Scion FR-S Datalogging Parameters IMG
  Toyota 86 Datalogging Parameters IMG
Miscellaneous Notes    
  BRZ/FRS/86 CPC Input Location IMG
  BRZ/FRS/86 CAM Activation LINK
Stock OEM ROM Calibrations    
  Subaru BRZ/ Scion FRS/ Toyota 86 OEM Calibrations LINK

MK1 or MK1+ Flex Fuel Installation Manuals

  2008 - 2016 EVO X PDF
  2008 - Present GTR PDF
  2009 - Present 370Z  
  2013 - 2017 FR-S V2 PDF
  2013 - 2017 FR-S V1 ***Discontinued 2017***  PDF
  2013 - Present BRZ V2 PDF
  2013 - Present BRZ V1 ***Discontinued 2017***  PDF
  2015 - Present WRX DIT PDF
  2008 - Present WRX STI PDF
  2005 - 2007 LGT / OBX PDF
  2002 - 2005 WRX PDF
  2012 - GT 86 V2 PDF
  2012 - GT 86 V1 ***Discontinued 2017***  PDF

MK2 Flex Fuel Installation Manuals

  2008 - Present STi (ver. 2)               PDF
  2008 - Present STi (ver. 1) ***Discontinued 2017***             PDF
  2015 - Present WRX DIT PDF
Troubleshooting Guide    
  DT Flex Fuel Kit (Cobb Custom Features) PDF

Air/Oil Separator Installation Manual

Scion / Subaru / Toyota    
  2013 - 2020 FR-S/86, BRZ PDF

Edelbrock D-Box Installation Manuals

Scion / Subaru / Toyota    
- Discontinued 2013 - 2020 FR-S/86, BRZ PDF

Stumble Fix Kit Installation Manual

  2008 - Present STI PDF

Boost Solenoid Installation Manual

All Makes    
  All Models IMG

Delicious Tuning Spork

Tuning SPORK Reflash Software    
  All Models Version ZIP
  All Models Version (latest stable release) ZIP
Spork Instructions    
  All Models PDF

VF Tuner Programmming Kit

VF Tuner Reflash Software    
  Current Stable Version LINK
  All Models PDF

Dyno Dynamics - Information

Weather Station - Dynamic and Static Settings    
  Atmospheric Compensation - Correction Standard PDF