2022+ Subaru BRZ - EcuTek Dyno Tuned - Results

Delicious Tuning is pleased to announce EcuTek Tuning support for the 2022+ Subaru BRZ and Toyota 86. We purchased the EcuTek tuning software on October 28th 2022 and we were able to devote an entire day to tuning the vehicle on our in house AWD Dyno Dynamics. Through the process we updated everyone on our IG (DeliciousTuning) account on how the process was going and what we thought of the vehicle tuning platform compared to the previous generation and what the potential is for this platform. 

Delicious Tuning NEW Flex Fuel Kits w/ IAT Compensation Support

Delicious Tuning would like to make an informative post about our NEW DIT Flex Fuel Kits (released May, 2022), specifically for the Cobb Access Ports. There have been a few misconceptions about our products (see attached image) and we intend to educate our customers on the direction we are moving towards, think Green Speed. 

   -    All emissions related devices are still 100% operational with our NEW Flex Fuel Kit(s) and the intake air temp is still being used as it was intended by the vehicles OEM engine management system.

Delicious Tuning - Cobb Pro Tuning

Now that things are starting to settle from Cobb’s Green Speed announcement (April 18th 2022) with we are now set to begin a new phase of Cobb Pro Tuning. Currently a lot of parts are still tunable for your vehicle with the Cobb Pro Tuning software and you can assume everything is tunable unless otherwise stated below. If you have an upgraded turbo, injectors, fuel pump, bypass valve, intercooler, etc… we CAN still tune it.