Nissan GTR Dyno Tuning

Nissan GTR Dyno Tuning [Video Included] This has been one of the more exciting cars to tune lately at HG Motorsports. Though the car is only lightly modified with downpipes and a catback exhaust system, the power gains are just incredible on any Nissan GTR. Using the Cobb AccessPort for customized tuning we increased the overall power by 200 horsepower to the wheels. Some also very cool features of the Cobb AccessPort include a switchable map feature through the steering wheel / digital display.

Porsche GT2 Dyno Tuning

Porsche GT2 Dyno Tuning [Video Included] Definitely a car worthy of a track tune, the Porsche 996 GT2, being an absolutely incredible car even stock, but the customer wanted a little more power on California 91 octane (not known to be a great fuel) and even more on 100 octane. Some o the drawbacks of living in California is the fuel quality, being a 91 octane fuel and not even a good 91 octane, the octane rating and quality are just not the same as the east coast and definitely not even remotely close to the level of European fuels.