Fiat Abarth Dyno Tuning

Fiat 500 Abarth Dyno Tuning performed at HG Motorsports. We are in the process of developing a few stage packages for this vehicle all under the HG Motorsports brand. For more, keep an eye out on HG Motorsports website for parts and packages coming early 2013. This car has definitely been a fun car to tune and also a pretty tough cookie to dial in with the HG Motorsports tuning system. The vehicle has a very dynamic learning system especially with regards to the power delivery and how it learns to adapt the power to your driving style. Definitely a great learning experience and glad I have had the opportunity to customize the tune for this vehicle at HG Motorsports.



Baseline dyno of the Fiat Abarth 500 before dyno tuning. We have found out since the original baseline the power can vary quite a bit depending on when the ECU was reset (learned parameters were reset) and how the car was driven there after. So we needed to come up with different tuning strategies for creating a reliable and powerful tune for this specific vehicle.