SPRINTEX GR86 - DYNO Numbers Are In (91 octane and E85)

For the past few months, everyone wanted to know what the numbers were. Just going to get it out of the way and tell you what they are first before we delve into more information on this kit, tune, and our findings. Also, as we know people will ask, the clutch has been holding up perfectly fine so far. There have been around 80 dyno pulls and no issues yet.

The torque on the car comes in low and it comes on strong. For example, on 91 octane, at 2500 rpms, the car is making 215 ft lbs of torque. By 4300 rpms, it has full torque of 255 and keeps pulling to redline. To just reiterate, this is all with OEM exhaust components except the AWE touring catback. And the only other mods on this car are the flex fuel kit and Sprintex supercharger. We went this route, to show you what the car is capable of on stock exhaust components while being emission friendly as well as being future CARB legal (for CARB states). But with great torque comes great responsibility (actually tuning challenges, but wanted to have a spider man quote//pun). 

Bill at Delicious Tuning, spent a good amount of time with our car. The challenging part wasn’t the WOT (wide open throttle) tuning, but was the streetability/drivability tuning and trying to contain all that torque. Since we installed this 2 days before SEMA, and it was a prototype kit. We didn't have the luxury of time to fine tune it as we were working on major time constraints. We were probably one of the first few companies/people with a boosted FA24 at the time so we are glad we were able to work with Sprintex and Delicious Tuning to bring this kit to the market. While the tune Sprintex provided us with decent power and drove relatively well, we knew it needed fine tuning for drivability, proper AFRs, and knew there was more power to be found. Tuning proved a challenge especially with the torque this kit makes. We were experiencing jerkiness and tip in knock because the supercharger is so responsive and just made too much torque down low. Delicious tuning had to make custom tables to get all the drivability smooth so it feels like you are driving a normal car, but feels like a car with 2 more cylinders. 

We recommend any customer buying this kit, get a Delicious tune also, as they know this supercharger on the FA24 platform. Getting that streetability, in our opinion, is the most important aspect. Yes, anyone can make the horsepower and the torque, but if the streetability isn’t there, you won’t enjoy driving. Please reach out to us with more questions or concerns!

For more info and more graphs please check the 86 SPEED FULL PRESS RELEASE HERE

*On pump gas you will not need injectors, but flex fuel or a ethanol tune, you will need injectors

  • Dyno is a Dyno Dynamics dyno which is setup to run in comparison mode (DynoJet Mode). The numbers you see are what you would see on any DynoJet in the United States.

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