Erich Llibre - Llibre Racing - 1ST Place WRL 8HR Endurance Race @ COTA

We are extremely excited and wanted to congratulate our customer Erich Llibre of Llibre Racing who took home 1st Place in the WRL (World Racing League) 8 hour endurance this past Sunday, December 5th 2021 at COTA (Circuit of The Americas). The weekend was a great showing for the team as they also qualified 2nd on Friday and finished in 2nd on Saturday's 8 hour endurance race. 

2022 Subaru BRZ - Dyno Testing

We just completed some initial testing on the 2022 Subaru BRZ and honestly we were quite shocked at some of the results. Before diving into all this, we wanted to explain a little more about our AWD Dyno  Dynamics and how it works. In general there seems to be a lot of confusion about dyno numbers, wheel, horsepower, flywheel, etc....

PhoneFlash by ECUTEK - Supported by Delicious Tuning

We have some really exciting news called "PhoneFlash by ECUTEK". Coming, June 21st 2021, EcuTeK will be releasing the ability to flash your vehicle from your phone over bluetooth. The best part is you will no longer need the deskey dongle or laptop while also being able to maintain your tunes in one easy location, the EcuTeK ECU Connect Application.