FutureFlex Technology by Delicious Tuning

What is and where did FutureFlex Technology come from? 

Little did we know where the market for Flex Fuel would take us from when we started in 2012? In that time we have gone through numerous updates including 24 revisions to our board, 6 changes to the case design, dozens of firmware and harness updates, all in order to make a universal kit that would be able to tackle anything and everything, but we were not prepared for what was to come. The the chip shortage started (summer 2020) and we knew we would run out of our chips (we just did), so we stocked up on what remained in the world (summer 2020), and finally there were no chips (late 2020), so we dove deep into a ground up redesign. We wanted something you could use right now and in any sort of future we could imagine, that is FutureFlex Technology at its core.

With the V3 release we now have the ability to change, on the fly, how a vehicle may communicate with the module. Whether there is little support as just an OE system with basic editing ability to true Flex Fuel support (through custom code), we now have solution for many vehicles and more support to come. And as we continue to improve the module we will be adding a lot of new features to the Android and iPhone applications, which will allow for more control in the hands of the owner and/or tuner.  


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If you are tuner/shop and would like to learn more on how it works please feel free to reach out through our contact page. We are more than open to sharing our strategy, base maps, and PDF instructions for various platforms to get you up to speed quickly on how to tune our kits for your customer base.