Delicious Tuning NEW Flex Fuel Kits w/ IAT Compensation Support

Delicious Tuning would like to make an informative post about our NEW DIT Flex Fuel Kits (released May, 2022), specifically for the Cobb Access Ports. There have been a few misconceptions about our products (see attached image) and we intend to educate our customers on the direction we are moving towards, think Green Speed. 

   -    All emissions related devices are still 100% operational with our NEW Flex Fuel Kit(s) and the intake air temp is still being used as it was intended by the vehicles OEM engine management system.

   -    Our NEW Flex Fuel Kit(s) supports IAT (Intake Air Temperature) compensation and we still measure/send the appropriate temperature signals to the ECU via our module for proper calculation over a broad range of temperatures.

   -    Compensation for cold start works as intended as we have implemented custom code in our NEW Flex Fuel Kit(s) that is transmitted to the ECU for proper startup on a range of ethanol blends.

The information provided (see attached image) is based on our much older Flex Fuel Kit(s) from 2015-2016, prior to Cobb’s Flex Fuel support for the DIT WRX. This is something we will not produce ever again as it will not meet the new Green Speed initiative. 

Lastly we would like to thank Clark Tuner Tuning in Arizona for the testing/support he has done with Delicious Tuning on our NEW Flex Fuel Kit(s). If you have any further questions you can reach out to Clark Turner or Delicious Tuning ( for more information.