Our Future of Flex Fuel (Cobb Green Speed)

The Future Is Changing, We Are Changing With It. (Past -> IAT -> CAN)

The industry is changing, we have seen it time and time again for nearly 25 years; when this occurs, there will be companies grasping to the past, not willing to move forward into new technologies, we are not one of them. We are constantly evolving / adapting to the changes that have been placed in front of us (ex. Green Speed Cobb Pro Tuning Software). While it might feel we are stepping backwards, and holding onto the past might feel better, it will only make things worse for everyone. We need to acknowledge that these new obstacles exist and have been placed there to improve the future, whether we agree with them or not. 

Currently the Cobb Pro Tuning software (as of April 2022) has gone under a massive change, in order to meet or exceed EPA regulations and guidelines. When this occurred the entire infrastructure of Flex Fuel changed, all the hardware used was no longer useful, and a rather large obstacle was placed in front of everyone. We developed a Flex Fuel Kit that works in conjunction with the latest Cobb Green Speed Pro Tuning Software while maintaining all the sensor functionality as required by Cobb and EPA regulations. This was created so that we can all move forward and continue to enjoy the ease of filling up at the pump and driving off with whatever combination of ethanol and pump gas you choose. 


As the decade moves forward there will be more changes to come, the next big hurdle will be custom CAN (Controller Area Network) integration with your vehicle. While this is still relatively new to the aftermarket world, we are have been developing this for past couple years, building new hardware, new chipsets, new bluetooth modules, new applications, and new features. We are preparing for the next evolution of the Cobb Pro Tuning Software / EcuTek ProECU Software and will be ready when they are released. 

How does our Flex Fuel Kit integrate with the current Green Speed Cobb Software?
Our Green Speed Flex Fuel Kit intercepts the Intake Air Temp Sensor, measures the value of the intake temp, then sends the intake temp and ethanol content values to the engine control unit (ECU). Within the ECU, using the Cobb (Green Speed) Pro Tuning Software, the tuner than has the ability to change the fueling, timing, boost control, and compensate for intake air temperature, all based on ethanol content. Additionally on some models, such as the DIT WRX, DI angle and cam angles can be also adjusted based on ethanol content. 

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