Delicious Tuning’s New 3-Port Boost Control Solenoid

Delicious Tuning’s New Three-Port Boost Controller is 100%-Plug-and-Play and Totally Overbuilt: Initial Fitment for ZN6-Platform BRZ/FR-S/GT-86

Better design + better safeties + better fittings + better hoses + better brand = better boost.

VISTA, CA (May 23, 2017) – Delicious Tuning has taken the boost by the horns and developed its own proprietary boost controller for forced-induction late-model cars. The Delicious Tuning 3-Port EBCs (Electronic Boost Control solenoid) was designed to fix every shortcoming found in off-brand controllers. Known internally as the “Extra Brian Control” (named for lead design controller Brian Pierce), the 3-Port EBCs solves port-size and pressure-handling issues, increases airflow and reduces in-line turbulence, and is directly plug-and-play compatible with original-equipment hardware and software. The first model offered will be for the Subaru BRZ, Scion FR-S, Toyota 86/GT-86 and ZN6-platform cars, and goes on sale June 1.

When you’re shopping for hard parts, it’s all about features. The Delicious Tuning 3-Port EBCs uses three ports (duhh) to segregate the wastegate and bleed-valve ports instead of replicating the original manufacturer’s two-port design. Because three ports is better, Delicious made the rest of the EBCs better too: better fittings (oversized to smooth metered airflow), better design (made for your car – no universal nothin’), and better materials (silicone tubing and stainless-steel hardware). It also installs in the factory location (or where the factory should have put it).

Specifications for this in-house special were expressly focused on the needs of Delicious’s tuner audience. Three ports mean better tuning: better boost control at all RPM, better signal-response rates, reduced boost creep and high-RPM boost drop, and the end to wastegate flutter. The large port-matched high-pressure fittings limit in-line air turbulence, and hasten flow transitions and response rates (fittings that were hard to source, mind you, but Delicious did). Every Delicious EBCs comes with a one-year warranty, so break it quickly. However, because Delicious uses high-quality Mac solenoids (which can run up to 120psi without flinching), solenoid failure is unlikely. Just in case the EBCs’s solenoids do fail, they fail open, sending boost to zero and not kerploding your pricey bits. Delicious Tuning’s Boost ‘Noid works with turbo-supercharged and mechanically supercharged engines.

The new 3-Port EBCs goes on sale June 1, so order now from a Delicious Tuning distributor and avoid the lines. Models for Subaru WRX, STi and Legacy are next, with fitments coming soon for every other car that matters. Retail price is $149.95, and the EBCs is pre-wired for plug-and-play compatibility, comes with fancy nickel fittings, stainless-steel bracketry and hardware, five feet of silicone vacuum hose and all the necessary destructions.

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