BRZ/FRS/86 3-Port EBCS & HKS

List price: $149.95
Price: $149.95

Delicious Tuning - BRZ/FRS/GT86 3-Port  Electronic Boost Control Solenoid was​ developed to fit the Scion FRS, Subaru BRZ and Toyota 86 in combination with forced induction systems. The EBC features large high pressure fittings for smooth air transition and faster response. No more clamps or zip ties required for these fittings to hold pressure. The supplied hose in the kit is a high temp silicone hose that will never crack or wear.  The solenoid features a connector that plugs into the factory CPC wiring harness to eliminate the hassle of splicing any wires. Installation takes about 15 minutes or less.

Three ports mean better tuning: better boost control at all RPM, better signal-response rates, reduced boost creep and high-RPM boost drop, and the end to wastegate flutter. The large port-matched high-pressure fittings limit in-line air turbulence, and hasten flow transitions and response rates.

Every Delicious EBCs comes with a one-year warranty, so break it quickly. However, because Delicious uses high-quality Mac solenoids (which can run up to 120psi without flinching), solenoid failure is unlikely. Just in case the EBCs’s solenoids do fail, they fail open, sending boost to zero and not kerploding your pricey bits.

Included in the kit:
- DT 3-port Boost Control Solenoid w/ fittings
- Stainless Steel Bracket
- Stainless Steel Fasteners & Hardware
- 5ft Silicone Vacuum Hose

-5ft of extra silicone vacuum hose ( for low mounted turbo systems )

Limited Warranty
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5ft of silicone hose for low mounted turbo setups (BRZ/FRS/86) or external wastegates (STi/WRX/Evo)