Appointment or Dyno Deposit

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***Please only purchase as directed by a Delicious Tuning Sales Associate.***

This is a deposit for scheduling dyno services on our Dyno Dynamics AWD dyno and is deducted from the dyno tune total price. If you are unable to attend your dyno appointment on the day scheduled, your deposit will be withheld and you are allowed one reschedule on an available date. In the event that you miss your rescheduled appointment, your deposit will be withheld indefinitely and will not be deducted from the total cost of the dyno tune. 

If you still require dyno tuning services after missing a rescheduled appointment, a new appointment will have to be made with another deposit. 

Most vehicles will take a full 8 hour day from start to finish, so please show up early and have your vehicle in good working order. If additional work is required to get the vehicle in good working order, our hourly service rate will be applied to the dyno tuning total cost.

There is a base fee for dyno tuning based on each vehicle, aftermarket parts, engine management system and fuel(s) being used. Each additional hour after this is quoted at our hourly rate.

Notes of vehicle requirements:

-Aftermarket rear diffusers and front splitters must be removed prior to being loaded on the dyno if your splitter / diffuser interferes with strapping on the dyno our service work rate will be applied.

-Tow hooks must be present and easily accessible and in OEM locations. Otherwise, we can not strap the car to the dyno and you will still be charged a loading fee.

-Minimum vehicle ground clearance of 3.5 inches at the lowest point, can use our standard ramps.

-Minimum vehicle ground clearance of 2.5 inches at the lowest point, our extended ramps must be used and additional service work fee will be applied.

-Maximum weight of the vehicle cannot exceed 4750 pounds. Large trucks will not be loaded on the dyno.

-Air Ride Suspension must be raised up for dyno operation. We will not be held liable for any damage that occurs to the vehicle from an Air Ride system failure.

-Nissan GTR, under panels, must be removed and the prop shaft must be disconnected for dyno operation. If the GTR is not prepared, our service work rate will be applied to the total dyno cost.

-Customer will be held liable for any damage done to the dyno due to a failure with your vehicle, this includes fluid dumping on the dyno. The cleanup will be charged at our service work rate.

- Exhaust noise levels above 93 decibels we will not be able to dyno tune. Please change your exhaust system, add a resonator, or add a silencer in order to meet our requirements for this industrial space.  

Notes on Flex Fuel / Multi-Fuel tunes: 
If you are getting a flex fuel tune, please show up for your dyno appointment with a quarter tank of 91 octane fuel and if you have the ability to bring 10 gallons of E85 do so, if not we will provide 10 gallons of E85 for you at an additional charge (current rate + $25.00 delivery charge).

If you are getting a tuning with multiple maps for different fuels, i.e. pump gas and race gas, please show up for you dyno appointment with a quarter tank of pump gas and 10 gallons of race fuel as we do not provide race gas.

Booking for just Dyno pulls:
Please select the checkbox above the add to cart button, for just our dyno pull service, to read what your vehicle makes with three wide open throttle pulls.  

*Stage Tune Notes (from other sections of our store website)
A stage tune (or reflash) does not include a custom dyno tune. 
A stage tune (or reflash) does not include dyno pulls.  

Please select when just ordering dyno pulls