June 2012

E Tuning

E Tuning or Email Tuning

Delicious Tuning even though is a relatively young company, William Knose has been remote email tuning since 2001 when he was the lead tuner at I-Speed USA. The knowledge he has developed over the year of experience in developing tunes, understanding datalogs, listening to customer feedback and diagnosing problems and resolving them through email has lead to numerous successful tunes around the world.

Below if a video of a customer that was tuned years ago over the internet for Monza Raceway in Italy.

Snail Mail Tuning

Snail Mail Tuning - Mail Order Tune

This will be mainly for the older non-turbo Subaru's after 1998. This will include the following

Unisia Jecs 1999-2002 Impreza, Legacy, Forester, Baja, Outback
Denso 2005 - Present Impreza, Legacy, Forester, Baja, Outback
Unisia Jecs 1998-2000 Impreza Turbo (Japan and Euro)

Currently I am in development of a lot of these vehicles for standard packages but here is what to expect.