Tuning Option Breakdown (Pro-Tune, E-Tune, Dyno Tune, Stage Tune)

Delicious - Tuning Option Breakdown

Delicious Tuning provides a wide range of tuning solutions for our customers worldwide.
Please review the definitions of what each option entails or the reference table below for a quick rundown of the tuning options. 

Break-In / Base Tunes
A break-in tune is just that, it is a simple tune to get the vehicle started, running and drivable. We do not tune for power, torque or boost. We set limiters in the ECU, because the plan is to break-in the engine properly or to make the vehicle drivable, so you can take it to a tuner for a proper custom dyno or stage tune. The limiters that are set are RPM and boost limits, to keep the engine out of the areas where engine damage can occur. This tune includes 2-3 revisions to make sure the car is drivable. Note that this tune is not meant for long term usage. This type of tune can be done remotely if you have the proper equipment, i.e. a tuning cable with software license or handheld programmer or can be done in person, by scheduling in advance and then having the vehicle towed or trailered in.

Stage Map Tunes
Delicious Tuning offers Stage Map Tunes that we have developed over many years of experience in combination of dyno tuning, road tuning, and track tuning to create the most well-rounded tune for any condition. These tunes are designed for a certain combination of parts or "stage" that will offer safety and reliability of the engine and drivetrain, while also providing consistent smooth power delivery, repeatable power and torque results. These tunes come with a few custom revisions (3-5) to match up with each vehicle's specifications, because all engine/parts are a bit different, but are not as extensive as an E-tune or dyno tune. This type of tune can be done remotely and off the dyno, if you have the proper equipment, i.e. a tuning cable with software license or handheld programmer or can be done in person, by scheduling in advance.

Off-The-Shelf (OTS) Tunes
Delicious Tuning does not offer such an option. All tunes we offer usually come with at least some custom revisions to each tune. The only time this might be used would be on ECU's we ship out to customers, where remote adjustments are not an option or on handheld tuning products we sell that already come with predefined tunes for your vehicle.

Remote E-Tunes
This refers to tuning over the internet via email. We work with customers and their vehicle to remotely custom tune their vehicle by making adjustments based on datalogs that the customer provides to our specifications. From years of experience tuning, we have a strong understanding of what to expect from the vehicle and its modifications through the datalogs provided. We are also able to remotely diagnose simple problems, such as failing coil packs, vacuum leaks, faulty O2 sensors, etc..., and let you know what to look for. Remote E-Tunes include diagnosis and about 5-10 revisions depending on the complexity of the vehicle and modifications. 

Pro-Tuning (Pro-Tunes)
A Pro-Tuner is a term that COBB Tuning has defined as an authorized engine calibrator for the specific line of vehicle's supported by COBB. Delicious Tuning is an authorized COBB Pro-Tuner and we offer Pro-Tuning services, in person, on and off the dyno. For more details about remote pro-tunes, please check out our Remote E-Tunes for your specific application. If you would rather have a custom in-person dyno tune, then please review the information about Dyno Tuning for your specific application. 

Dyno Tuning (Custom Dyno Tune)
Delicious Tuning houses an AWD Dyno Dynamics Dyno for custom dyno tuning at the customer's request. These custom dyno tunes are specific to each vehicle/parts and we request a full day with the vehicle. We spend a fair amount of time testing various conditions with the vehicle on the dyno and when we are complete, we will also perform additional real-world road testing to ensure the quality and reliability of your tune. We also allow enough time, so that if any small problems arise while we are on the dyno they can be tackled, resolved and dyno tuning can continue. Please schedule dyno tuning appointments with Delicious Tuning Staff in advance and you will then be directed to our Dyno Tuning deposit page to reserve your appointment. The deposit page will also provide you with further information on the process and what needs to be done before your dyno tuning appointment. 



Tune Option Quick Reference:


Tuning Option

Stage Tunes
/ Base Tunes

Remote E-Tuning
/ Pro Tuning

Custom Dyno

Price $ $$ $$$$
Tune Revisions 2-5 5-10 Unlimited (day of)
End Of Tune - Support 1 Month 12 Months 12 Months
Datalog Reviewing Yes Yes Yes
Datalog Diagnosing Yes Yes Yes
Hands-On Diagnosis (in-depth) No Yes Yes
Optimized Tuning (HP, TQ) No Yes Yes
Includes Dyno Tuning No No Yes
In Person Custom Tuning Yes No Yes
Remote Tuning  Yes Yes No
Safe, Reliable, Consistent Yes Yes Yes
Cobb Professional Software Yes Yes Yes
EcuTeK ProECU Software Yes Yes Yes
HP Tuners Software Yes (no e-tunes) Yes (no e-tunes) Yes
SCT Professional Software Yes (no e-tunes) Yes (no e-tunes) Yes
UpRev Professional Software Yes (no e-tunes) Yes (no e-tunes) Yes