Ken Block - Gumball DC Shoes - EcuTeK

DC Shoes - President and Co-Founder, Ken Block driving one of his three 2005 Subaru Impreza WRX STI's. 'I drove for 11 hours straight from London to the middle of Germany. Brian, the editor of 'Rides', drove from there, and my wife Lucy took over for the last 80 miles into Prague. Fifteen straight hours on the first leg!' 'The DC Subaru's are working out amazing. Once we hit Germany and the autobahn, our feet hit the floors. We were told to keep it slower in the UK and Belgium---the cops knew we were coming. Our cars top out at 160 MPH, and they hit that a few times. Our average speed through Germany was probably 120 MPH. It's crazy having the car pinned and watching a Benz CLK DTM pull away from us---and fast. Ridiculous. The most used item in the car? The CB. Incidents? One. Rob hit some cones at 120 MPH in a construction area that came up too fast and did a little damage to the front right bumper and fender.'