Toyota / Lexus / Scion ECU Calibration Support

We are please to annouce ECU calibration our support for Toyota/Lexus/Scion models starting with the 2015+ RCF and GSF models. After months of work with the developer of VF Tuner and weeks of development on the tune we are now offering Delicious Tuning specific Stage Tunes with the VF Tuner Programming Kit Package. This is something we have been asked about for years and while the demand has ben there we have never had a reliable and in depth calibration solution until now. 

Some of the unique features (and understanding) we have control of in the ECU that are not available in most any other tuning software programs. This has allowed us to increase the power further beyond the standard changes to fueling and ignition time. A list of some of the current tables we have control of are listed below and what we can accomplish with them. 

Unique VF Tuner Calibration Tables
- Direct Injection / Port Injection Ratios
- Direct Injection Firing Angles
- Direct Injection Fuel Pressure
- Intake and Exhaust Cam Angles
- Torque Limiters Adjusted
- Ignition Base Timing
- Air Fuel Ratios

Notable Tune Adjustments
1. Smoothed out WOT air fuel ratios
2. Changed the DI/PI ratios for better response
3. Changed the DI Firing Angles for more power
4. Changed the DI Fuel Pressures for more power
5. Changed the Intake/Exhaust Angles overlap
6. Increased Torque Limiters
7. Adjusted Ignition Timing

For more details on the tune options available please check out our Lexus Store.