Nissan GTR Dyno Tuning

Nissan GTR Dyno Tuning [Video Included] This has been one of the more exciting cars to tune lately at HG Motorsports. Though the car is only lightly modified with downpipes and a catback exhaust system, the power gains are just incredible on any Nissan GTR. Using the Cobb AccessPort for customized tuning we increased the overall power by 200 horsepower to the wheels. Some also very cool features of the Cobb AccessPort include a switchable map feature through the steering wheel / digital display. We have setup this vehicle to have 6 maps that can be switched based on the drivers selection through the steering column. The maps included in this tune include a "Valet Mode" map lowers the power down to half of a stock GTR. Basically it makes it slow and really not much fun to drive. Then there are three 91 octane maps, increasing the power over stock by 80, 110, and 140 horsepower. Then we finalized the tune for two 100 octane maps, which increase the power by 170 and 200 horsepower. The 100 octane tune maps are designed for the track, as this customer does drive his car at the track fairly often and wanted a little more power for those long straights at California Speedway and Willow Springs. As with all our tunes, we take great care in taking our time with the tune to make sure it is worthy of long stints at the track and yet simple to drive for daily use.



The video above goes through a little more on how the map switching occurs and also the power to expect from a lightly modified GTR.