Porsche GT2 Dyno Tuning

Porsche GT2 Dyno Tuning [Video Included] Definitely a car worthy of a track tune, the Porsche 996 GT2, being an absolutely incredible car even stock, but the customer wanted a little more power on California 91 octane (not known to be a great fuel) and even more on 100 octane. Some o the drawbacks of living in California is the fuel quality, being a 91 octane fuel and not even a good 91 octane, the octane rating and quality are just not the same as the east coast and definitely not even remotely close to the level of European fuels. Becaus eof this most European cars are fitted with an incredible knock detection system that automatically adjusts the over power of a vehicle whether it is on 94, 93, or 91 octane fuels. Though this is a wonderful things for the customer who purchases the vehicle from a dealer it leaves a lot to be desired as the fuel quality decreases. One will notice the engine of the vehicle will drive a little more rough in traffic, around town and especially in the powerband when using lower quality fuels, such as California 91 octane. Because of this a lot of our customers complain about how the cars seems to be a little less responsive and slightly more hesitant as they drive the car as they have driven the cars over the years. With changing fuels due to regulations, adjustments to the tune can be made to gain more power while also smoothing out the entire powerband, through partial and full throttle driving. The benefits of having a load bearing AWD dyno allow us to simulate tuning the car as if the car was being daily driven around town, partial throttle in and out of corners and some twisty backroads or even long straights where you can really open her up. The Dyno Dynamics AWD used at HG Motorsports allows for all of this and very little track or road driving are required to obtain a smooth, powerful and reliable tune. if you have any questions please contact William Knose at HG Motorsports for custom porsche Dyno Tuning or Track Tuning.

Custom Porsche 996 GT2 dyno tuning for the track.