European Vehicle Tuning

European and Japanese Vehicle Custom Dyno Tuning

William Knose is housed at HG Motorsports in San Diego, CA most of the week where he focuses on custom dyno tuning for almost any European car from the simple the basic Fiat 500 Abarth to BMW, Porsche, Ferrari and beyond. While this is a new direction for William Knose, he still offers customized tuning for Subaru's while also expanding his tuning experience into the Nissan GTR, 350z and 370z models. While the custom tuning for the Japanese vehicles is fairly simple, using either UpRev (Nissan), EcuTeK (Subaru, Nissan) or Cobb (Subaru, Nissan, BMW), the remaining European vehicles takes a skillful hand, patience and a little computer knowledge to understand how to customize a tune for a Porsche, Mercedes or Ferrari.

As 2013 approaches HG Motorsports is focused on expanding the brand and offering more customized solutions for their clients and I am excited to be a part of the legacy that is HG Motorsports. For more on HG Motorsports, please check out their website at