Scion FRS Breaks 250 WHP

Scion FRS Breaks 250 WHP RobiSpec, Innovate Motorsports and Delicious Tuning have teamed up on the HG Motorsports Dyno Dynamics AWD dyno to produce a power level above the 250 wheel horsepower mark. This may not seem like much of an accomplishment but take into account that a stock Scion FRS or Subaru BRZ will read about 135-140 wheel horsepower in heart breaker mode and too boot this is with the Innovate Twin Screw Supercharger kit, something that bolts on very easily within 4-5 hours and makes instant power from 2800 RPM's to redline. So with a little encouragement from a Borla headers and cross-over pipe, a high flow fuel pump, 70mm pulley, a little fine tuning and E85 we were able to push into the 250 which would equate to about 300 whp on a dyno jet. This along with running stock, intake, stock exhaust and stock injectors is really something to talk about. This vehicle has been tested at the track and run amazingly according to RobiSpec but a little further fine tuning is needed to really dial in the true potential of this kit. Check back to find out more in the coming weeks and months.

Innovate Supercharger Near 300 whp on DynoJet