Flex Fuel Kits for Cobb & Ecutek Comparison (Mk1, Mk1+, Mk2)

Flex Fuel Kits for Cobb & Ecutek Comparison, Mk1, Mk1+, Mk2


We have had a lot of inquiry about the differences between the Flex Fuel Kits we offer. So we have taken the opportunity to make a comparison chart between our different kits. Please note the Mk2 is 100% compatible with Cobb's Stage 3 OTS tune (when released by Cobb) and also compatible with thier current Cobb Custom Features (with Flex Fuel Support) Software. That means any Cobb Protuner can tune our Mk2 kit. The Delicious Tuning Mk2 kit does offer a bit more than the benchmark Cobb Flex Fuel Kit, such as our Flex Fuel Diagnostic System (FFDS). The FFDS helps determine via notifications if any flex fuel installation issues or potential issues as the product ages and how to correct it. 


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Product Image
Cobb Custom Features Support - - Yes
Cobb AccessPort V3 Compatible Yes Yes Yes
Cobb AccessPort V2 Compatible Yes Yes No
EcuTeK Compatible Yes Yes No
Easy Plug and Play Kit Installation * Yes Yes Yes
Includes 2008+ Subaru STI Stumble Fix Yes Yes Yes
Flex Fuel Mounting Hardware Yes Yes Yes

Unique Safety Features

Flex Fuel Diagnostic System (FFDS) Yes Yes Yes
Fault Detection System (FDS) *** Yes Yes -
Fuel Pressure Monitoring - Yes Yes
Dynamic Engine Safety System (DESS) - Yes -

Vehicle Compatibility

02-05 Subaru WRX Yes No -
06-07 Subaru WRX  Yes No Yes
08-14 Subaru WRX  Yes No Yes
15+ Subaru WRX   Yes Yes Yes (except CVT)
04-07 Subaru Forester XT Yes Yes Yes (except 2004 FXT)
08-13 Subaru Forester XT Yes Yes Yes
14+ Subaru Forester XT  Yes Yes -
04-07 Subaru STI Yes No Yes
08-16 Subaru STI Yes No Yes
05-09 Subaru Legacy GT Yes No Yes
08-16 Mitsubishi EVO X Yes No -
05-15 Mazda Miata (NC) Yes No -
08+ Nissan GTR Yes No Yes

* Mk2: Supported on Cobb Custom Features. Build to order (Rear O2 sensor input or TGV sensor input)
** Mk1: Cobb Stage Maps enhanced by Delicious Tuning
*** Mk1+: Cobb Stage Maps enhanced by Delicious Tuning

DESS - Dynamic Engine Safety System (Limp Mode Activation and Protection)
FFDS - Flex Fuel Diagnostic System (Smart Phone Application Diagnostics)
FDS - Fault Detection System (Check Engine Light Notification)