Delicious Tuning to Invade SEMA 2017 with Growing Product Line, Expanding Ethanol Agenda and CTO Brian Pierce On Display at Booth #51145

Let’s talk flex-fuel, ethanol’s benefit for forced-induction engines, and why corn is for fuel.

VISTA, CA (October 10, 2017) – The boost-addled flex-fuel advocates at Delicious Tuning will be on-site for a full week of the 2017 Specialty Equipment Market Association convention in Las Vegas. They’re bringing power to the people: ask Delicious about your tuning challenges, debate your fitment questions, and expand your ethanol comprehension, because Bill, Brian and Zach will be in Lost Wages to talk about it. Whether you need more ethanol (it’s what’s for fuel!), more turbo, or more faster, Delicious has your answer.

The Delicious Tuning crew won’t limit themselves to promoting the benefits of tuning high (boost) on corn: it’s time to bend some brains. CTO Brian “Spaceship Parts” Pierce is a finalist in SEMA’s “Launchpad” product competition, and will be on-stage on Monday to explain Delicious’s flex-fuel power and tuning capabilities (and global tuners’ growing fondness of ethanol). Set your faces for stunned: the main event will be at 11:30 AM, October 30, at Las Vegas’s Westgate Theater, and the public is invited.

Delicious Tuning is here for you. Plan a chat by emailing in advance, or give Bill, Brian and Zach a call during the big show at 408.480.0995 (the office line will ring through to the show). The Delicious guys will also be manning the official Delicious Tuning kiosk in the Performance Pavilion, graciously provided by SEMA’s “Launchpad” program. If you hang around long enough, you can help them tear down.

Meet the SEMA Launch Pad Finalists