Delicious Tuning Releases iPhone App for Flex Fuel Kits

VISTA, CA (August 22, 2017) – In response to customer demand, Delicious Tuning has completed and released the company’s iPhone-based (version 10.2 and newer) data-monitoring app for its flex-fuel systems. Now, customers of all stripes – whether Android or iPhone-powered – can use their mobile device to directly monitor their Delicious Flex-Fuel kit, track fuel pressure and ethanol content, and data-log minimum and maximum values in real-time.

The iPhone app has been an ongoing challenge for Delicious. Apple is historically protective of its app store, and finding a working balance with them (without making this product cost extra) was an exercise. It was worth the effort: the improved efficiency of Bluetooth “LE” chips in new iPhones doubles the app’s speed, quadruples its range, and improves device connectivity.

With updates to Delicious Tuning’s existing Android app also on the horizon – taking advantage of the same new technology that enabled the iPhone app’s improvements – Delicious will offer data monitoring options their competition can’t. “As soon as we release this,” declared Bill Knose, Delicious primary, “... we won’t have any competition.”

Because Delicious Tuning has sold almost 1000 flex-fuel kits, there will be legacy parts updates to chase down. As always, the company will stand behind their product. If you paid for an early iPhone-paired flex-fuel kit and can verify it, Delicious will need to update your firmware and hardware (at our cost – give us a call). If you’ve recently bought a flex-fuel kit and would like to make it iPhone-friendly, contact Delicious for how to do it. Note: some of the company’s newest flex-fuel kits are already iPhone-capable, (SN: 0739 & up) so download the app and give it a try. If nothing happens, we have your upgrade solution.


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About Delicious Tuning, Inc.

Delicious Tuning specializes in advanced engine calibration and Flex Fuel kits for race, track and recreational late-model high-performance cars. The Delicious staff is a collection of engineers and calibrators with more than 45 years of experience programming, tuning and busting knuckles. Their website is (, and you can call the shop at 408.480.0995. Some products and services offered by Delicious Tuning are for race and off-road use only.