Delicious Tuning Flexes Its Flex-Fuel Flexibility While Pirate Tuning

VISTA, CA (May 4, 2017) – A globally recognized speed merchant like Delicious Tuning doesn’t develop a global following without globing around the globe. In March, the company’s reps travelled to the shipwreck-infested Lesser Antilles to make its flex-fuel customers go faster.

Despite the luster of adventure tuning and worldwide calibration, Delicious Tuning CEO Bill Knose has been forced to bury a secret: it’s a lot of work. “We’re being paid to make software “A” cooperate with parts “B, C and 12”, and when you’re on an island with more fishing boats than cars, well, sometimes that gets complicated.” Of course, it’s not all fun and fish: whether in faraway lands like Barbados, Australia or Minnesota, limited availability of tuning hardware, firmware and support systems requires Delicious to test its flex-fuel systems’ compatibility with previously unseen power combos that would otherwise go unconfirmed. Case in point, Delicious’s recent March-long work in Barbados, where two Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution 9s, a Nissan GT-R and one precocious Subaru BRZ were track-tuned with Delicious Flex Fuel.

Delicious Tuning was hired by its customers to optimize each vehicle’s flex-fuel system, and while the Evolutions, GT-R and BRZ were all running E-85, their similarity ended there. This is how Delicious’s flex-fuel savvy and adaptability is informed and underwritten: between the BRZ, GT-R and Evolutions, there were AEM, Haltech and EcuTek controls, and each was fitted with a unique collection of parts and technology. Delicious Flex Fuel makes power on them all.


Because there is no dynamometer on Barbados, full-load road tuning is used. In this case, all cars were tested and calibrated at Bushy Park Racing Circuit, the island’s 1.25-mile grade-3 FIA-sanctioned circuit. That’s right, America, Barbados has a public road course but Los Angeles, Orange County and San Diego do not. Anyway, track speeds reach 150-plus MPH on the main straight, where locals also compete in quarterly 1/8th-mile drags. This pirate tuning earns bonus doubloons for difficulty because builders can’t just call a local supplier to order dash-AN 90-degree quick-discos: if the parts aren’t on the island, someone has to fly to Miami with a suitcase full of money and return with a suitcase full of parts (or borrow them from a deep-vee down at the dock). Interestingly, the island’s supply of E-85 comes the same way, but in 55-gallon drums.

Whether you’re searching for plug-n-play flex-fuel metering or advanced electronic controls and real-time monitoring from your mobile device, Delicious Tuning will provide it (and has the track record and frequent-flier miles to prove it). Watch for a slew of groovy new systems and power parts this summer, and remember that the company has moved to a bigger, better facility in Vista. Tested, tuned and good because it ought’a be: Delicious delivers because you want.

About Delicious Tuning, Inc.

Delicious Tuning specializes in advanced engine calibration and Flex Fuel kits for race, track and recreational late-model high-performance cars. The Delicious staff is a collection of engineers and calibrators with more than 45 years of experience programming, tuning and busting knuckles. Their website is (, and you can call the shop at 408.480.0995. Some products and services offered by Delicious Tuning are for race and off-road use only.