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About Cobb
COBB Tuning is an automotive engineering company dedicated to developing solutions that improve vehicle performance and the driving experience. COBB Tuning approaches design by taking the entire vehicle-platform into account as a complete system. Our ultra-high-quality products and services are professionally engineered, thoroughly tested and backed by industry leading customer service to ensure that they meet our objectives and exceed customer expectations.

Originally founded in Rockwall TX by Trey COBB in 1999, COBB Tuning is now headquartered in Austin TX with premier tuning and service facilities in Plano TX, Portland OR and Fountain Valley CA, which offer a wide range of services including; project car consultation and building, vehicle modifications, dyno tuning, general maintenance and repair. From our initial Subaru focus, COBB Tuning has expanded its product offerings to BMW, Mazda, Mini, Mitsubishi and Nissan specializing in engine management electronics, intake tract components, turbocharged exhaust systems, turbo kits, drivetrain components and suspension components. We are a one-stop firm with an enviable set of qualified skills and the exceptional ability to design, engineer, manufacture, test and service our own products under one roof. Whether it's our state-of-the-art AccessPORT ECU programmer, our exceptional bolt-on performance products, a professional tune on one of our four Mustang AWD chassis dynamometers or consulting with our build specialists on your next project, COBB Tuning has the experience, skill and attitude to meet your specific needs. COBB Tuning is Engineered Performance.

DELICIOUS Custom Vehicle Tuning Options Available for the US Markets

Cobb Subaru Pro Tuning Software
- 2002-Present Subaru Impreza WRX / GT
- 2004-Present Subaru Impreza WRX STI
- 2004-Present Subaru Forester XT
- 2005-Present Subaru Legacy GT
- 2005-2009 Subaru Outback XT

Cobb Nissan Pro Tuning Software
- 2008-Present Nissan GTR ECU and TCM

Cobb BMW Pro Tuning Software
- 2008-2010 BMW 135i
- 2007-2010 BMW 335i, xi, i xDrive
- 2011-Present BMW 335is
- 2008-2010 BMW 535i, xi, i xDrive
- 2009-Present BMW z4i
- 2011-Present BMW z4is
- 2011 BMW 1M

Cobb Ford Pro Tuning Software
- 2013+ Ford Focus ST / RS
- 2014+ Ford Fiesta ST
- 2014+ Ford Mustang EcoBoost

Cobb Porsche Pro Tuning Software
- Porsche 996 Turbo / GT2
- Porsche 997.1 Turbo / GT3 / GT3 RS
- Porsche 997.2 Turbo / GT2
- Porsche 991 Turbo / S

Cobb Mitsubishi Pro Tuning Software
- 2008-2016 Mitsubishi Evo X

Cobb MazdaSpeed Pro Tuning Software


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