Edelbrock E-Force Supercharger Kit

List price: $5,495.00
Price: $5,495.00

Delicious Tuning - Edelbrock E-Force Supercharger Kit for your 2.0L equipped Scion FR-S,  Subaru BRZ, or Toyota GT86. This all-new E-Force Supercharger system is designed exclusively for the FA20/4U-GSE engine. It's unique inverted design features long runners that allow for maximum flow at high rpm, while retaining great daily driving characteristics. It has been designed from the ground-up and utilizes the Eaton® 1320 TVS rotor assembly for maximum efficiency in a compact package.

As with all E-Force superchargers, this system features an efficient high flow inlet configuration that results in a shorter, less restrictive intake path for improved air flow and performance.To cool the incoming air, is a large dual pass air-to-water intercooler and heat exchanger. All of these features help the E-Force deliver dramatically improved performance, especially in the mid-range, where power dips have been eliminated for a smooth linear power curve. Lastly, the supercharger assembly is finished with a durable black powder coating with red accents for a unique look that will let everybody know your car is E-Force powered! 

Unique E-Force Features
- High Flow intake box and filter that allows for 2x more air flow
- Compact design fits under the stock hood
- Supplied with preformed hoses for ease of installation - no trimming needed
- Bolt-on installation - everything fits right out of the box with no cutting or welding needed
- Features Eaton Gen VI 1320 TVS® rotor assembly; the same high-quality rotors used by many OEM manufacturers
- Self contained oil system with 100,000 mile service interval (no drilling or plumbing required)
- Includes an EcuTek® ProECU Programming Kit with E-Force tune pre-installed
- Integrated bypass valve for minimal decrease in fuel economy
- 50-state emissions pending 


Stage 1 - Street Systems 
These systems are emissions legal and provide the best combination for your daily driver. INSTALLATION NOTE: 
Supercharger systems sold without tuners are only emissions legal when used with the correct Edelbrock tune, which can be downloaded online. 

All E-Force Stage 1 systems supplied with a tuner, are eligible for our FREE 3 year/36,000 mile Limited Powertrain warranty.
Visit www.edelbrock.com/eforcewarranty or call 1-877-266-3838 for more information.

 It is guaranteed to drop right in and work after rescaling the MAP sensor calibration in the ECU. 


Limited Warranty
All parts and services offered by Delicious Tuning have undergone extensive in-house testing and evaluation to insure the highest level of quality and performance. All parts and services are guaranteed to be free from material and manufacturing defects at the time of receipt by the customer. However, the standard warranty in the industry is non at all on parts. Such parts are thus sold "as-is" without any warranty whatsoever. There are no implied warranties of merchant-ability or fitness for a particular purpose. There are no warranties that extend beyond the description on the face of this agreement. Delicious Tuning is not responsible for incidental and consequential damages, property damages, or personal injury damages to the extent permitted by law. Implied warranties of merchant-ability and fitness, in as far as they are applicable, are limited to a term of one (1) year from the original purchase, with a copy of the original invoice. 
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