Delicious Tuning - Edelbrock E-Force REFLASH (FRS, BRZ, 86)

The Delicious Tuning "Edelbrock E-Force" Reflash for various pulley applications for your Toyota FT86, Scion FRS or Subaru BRZ out performs in every aspect of the word. We spent countless hours improving on our original true 100% Speed Density in order to achieve the a consistent and reliable tune that will run make you smile day after day, on and off the track. The tune has been tested on numerous vehicles and designed to surpass the original tune provided by Edelbrock.

With nearly 15 years of Subaru Engine Management tuning experience, understanding how the ECU adjusts fueling, timing, cams, boost, and even the custom EcuTeK RaceROM mapping has allowed us to create as close to a perfect tune for almost any setup you can imagine. With a usefull powerband from 2000 RPM to 7500 RPM the power and torque increase are dramatic over a stock vehicle adding torque across the board and smoothing out the entire band, offering a linear power and flat torque curve the vehicle should have come with from the factory (if it had a turbo equipped). As with all our tunes we pride ourselves on smooth, consistent, reliable and powerful tunes, so the tune can be called Delicious.

For further details about the tune and purchasing options: Delicious Tuning - Edelbrock Stage 1 Tune