Authorized Dealer Page Update - Flex Fuel for Cobb Pro Tuners

We are pleased to annouce that we have updated our dealer section fo our website. Our dealer section now includes all our current dealers and specifically our Authorized Flex Fuel for Cobb Dealers. All our Authorized Flex Fuel for Cobb Dealers have been reviewed, interviewed and are known to well established tuners in the market. We are pleased to have them on board and you are more than welcome to have your vehicle tuned by any one of these dealers and may also purchase our Flex Fuel Kits for Cobb through these Authorized Dealers. 

Authorized Delicious Tuning Flex Fuel for Cobb Dealers
- Mann Engineering - Santa Clara, CA
- Snail Performance - Rocklin, CA
- Phatbotti Tuning - Anaheim, CA
- Pure Tuning - Toledo, OH
- EFI Logics - Bethel, CT

Dealer Map and Authorized Flex Fuel for Cobb Dealer Map
- Look for the Cobb Flex Balloons for the Authorized Flex Fuel for Cobb Dealers

The Delicious Tuning FlexFuel BlueTooth Kit (FFBT) for Cobb takes all the guess work out of determining what the ethanol/gasoline (petrol) ratio is in your vehicle. Our plug & play FlexFuel system dynamically determines the content ratio between gasoline and ethanol content in the fuel. It then sends a signal to the ECU which in turn computes the correct air/fuel ratios, ignition timing values, boost levels, cam angles, traction control and more based on the ethanol content.