Ken Block - Gymkhana 2 - Motec

Ken Block's 2008 Subaru Impreza WRX STI also known as Gymkhana 2 starred in Gymkhana The Infomercial, was tuned using a Motec M600, Motec Power Distribution Module (PDM), Motec Standalone Knock Module (SKM), Motec Subaru Diff Controller 3 (SDC3) and Motec Digital Sport Dash. William Knose was responsible for tuning the Motec M600, Motec PDM and Motec SKM. In order to tune the Motec SKM one must take an authorized class from Motec North America West and be approved by Motec to tune these systems. The SKM is definitely one of the best Knock Monitoring devices on the market in the aftermarket engine management industry.