Project ZN6: Lets Catch Up Feature Article - Project ZN6: Let's Catch Up

Once my name was on the title it didn’t take long for me to tear even further into the FR-S. The nitrous set-up was impressive but I wanted power everywhere, not just at full throttle. If you know the ZN6, then you know about that nasty dip in the torque band, and you’ll understand why I jumped on this next mod as soon as I saw it.


The solution was an Innovate Motorsports supercharger kit, and it was exactly what I had been hoping for. It’s actually what I thought TRD would give us but never did: A complete intake manifold replacement that is simple to install with the minimum number of components. Another big draw for me was that I would be able to retain the Airaid air box I had designed.


Since the car had a few extra mods in addition to the supercharger, I had Delicious Tuning update the base map to make sure everything would run perfectly.

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