300+ WHP - Innovate Supercharger, Stock Setup and E85

Hi All,

Well we managed to break the 300 whp mark with the Innovate Supercharger with some basic upgrades and FlexFuel E85 with EcuTeK RaceROM. With a lot of fine tuning on this car is able to hit 300+ wheel horsepower on a DynoJet Dyno. NOTE: This is only possible on the Innovate / Sprintex Superchargers with 70mm+ diameter pulleys. Even so, the fueling is completely maxed out.


DynoJet - Comparison Mode

Vehicle: 2013 Scion FRS - FlexFuel Setup
Engine Management: Delicious Tuning EcuTeK ProECU
Exhaust System: Over Pipe, High Flow Cat and Borla Catback
Headers: Borla UEL
Intake: Perrin CAI 
Fuel: FlexFuel E85/91
HP: 300+ dynojet (260whp dyno dynamics)

Vehicle: 2013 Scion FRS -Stock Configuration
Engine Management: Stock
Exhaust System: Stock
Headers: Stock
Intake: Stock
Fuel: 91 Octane HP: 160 dynojet (140whp dyno dynamics)

For comparison between Dyno Dynamics Dyno and DynJet Dyno's


Stock 2013 Scion FRS produces about
- 140-150 whp on a Dyno Dynamics Dyno
- 170-180 hp on a DynoJet Dyno
- 15% difference in the worst case (150 * 1.15 = 172.50 hp)

E85 2013 Scion FRS produces about
- 260 whp on a Dyno Dynamics Dyno
- 300+ hp on a DynoJet Dyno
- 15% difference in the worst case (260 * 1.15 = 299 hp)

We have the option to display the dyno chart in "Comparison Mode" which compares the horsepower to a DynoJet Dyno. In "Comparison Mode" we are able surpass the 300 whp mark by quite a margin as seen in the *first image above.

So yes you can make 300+ whp on stock injectors, stock MAF sensor, stock MAP sensor with minimal mods and a Innovate / Sprintex Supercarger, but it's fuel system is completely maxed out. Spending a LOT of time playing around with Intake and Exhaust overlap along with a few custom maps in the RaceROM custom mapping in with EcuTeK ProECU has allowed us to tweak out every little horsepower from the engine while being reliable and consistent even on the track.