86Fest Promotion and New Dealers

Delicious Tuning's Premiere EcuTeK Dealer, HG Motorsports, will be offering a Sunday only special $100 off all EcuTeK packages listed below. Hint, hint... If you show up on Saturday we might be offering the same special. Just don't tell anyone... Phone in orders: Calling by phone day of the event for the special offer? Not a problem. Please call Delicious Tuning's work number: 408-480-0995 between 8am-4pm PST. (Shipping will be $20 within the CONUS) We will have all calls forwarded to our cell phone and all orders will be processed through HG Motorsports. Please be patient as it might get a little crazy and please leave a message if need be. EcuTeK ProECU Cables, License and Maps for the FRS or BRZ - License and Stage 1 Map - $495 - License and Stage 2 Map - $495 - License and Innovate Stage 1 "Tuner" Map - $495 - License and Innovate FlexFuel "Tuner" Map - $495 - ProECU Cable, License and Stage 1 Map - $795 - ProECU Cable, License and Stage 2 Map - $795 - ProECU Cable, License and Innovate Stage 1 "Tuner" Map - $795 - ProECU Cable, License and Innovate FlexFuel "Tuner" Map - $795 Delicous Tuning will be in the HG Motorsports booth to answer questions and tune some vehicles on site. If you have some "other" intakes please see the list below for available options. Available Stage 1 or Stage 2 Maps for the following Intakes. - AEM, Blitz, HKS, Injen, K&N, Takeda, TRD, Weapon-R -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Please also welcome our new dealers About HG Motorsports: While gas prices may rise and fall, one thing will remain constant, the high standard of quality at HG Motorsports. The exceptionally high standard set by HG Motorsports is rooted deep in its racing history and continues to thrive through the Heinz Gietz family’s legacy. In October 1969, Heinz & Ilse Gietz founded the Mercedes-Benz Service Center in the heart of La Jolla, California. Three generations later, the business continues to soar and has grown to new heights with the introduction of the motor sports sector. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Subie Shop Auto Repair Specializing in maintenance, repair and performance modifications for Subaru and Japanese vehicles. Jose Felix a former Master Tech for Subaru chose to start his own business to not only serve a growing Subaru community but to also support an aging performance Subaru market that needs there performance cars maintained, repaired and re-tuned for optimal running conditions. Having a long history on the ins/outs of Subaru as a Master Tech and the understanding of how aftermarket performance modifications affect and adjust the vehicles drivablity and maintenance cycles has placed the Subie Shop in a unique part of the industry. Regards, William Knose Delicious Tuning