Innovate Supercharger Stage 1 "Tuner" Reflash Available

Innovate Motorsports in conjunction with Delicious Tuning has been hard at work over the past six months developing a CARB legal bolt on supercharger kit. To date Delicious Tuning has spent more than 200+ hours of custom tuning the Innovate Supercharger kit in order to refine the tune for Innovate Motorsports to meet the strick requirements of CARB (California Air Resource Board). While trying to meet those restrictions we have also been working on making the supercharger perform as it should as an across the board improvement over stock, so it not only feels like it should have off the show room floor, but also provide a reliable yet competitive package on and off the track while maintaining that CARB certification. While Delicious Tuning will NOT be offering the CARB certified EcuTeK map (this can only be obtained through Innovate Motorsports), Delicious Tuning will be offering maps for the Stage 1 Package, Intercooler upgrade, E85 tunes, Meth injection, 91, 93 & 100 octane, and smaller pulleys options. Currently we are offering the Delicious Tuning Stage 1 "Tuner" map through our website and you can click here for more information. While this map will be revised from time to time, most of the revisions to the main map have been completed and now it will be time to move onto more important aspect of the tune, including EcuTeK RaceROM Launch Control, Traction Control, etc... In the mean time we will also be working on the additional maps for various fueling options and slowly adding those to our growing list of custom tunes. All of our tunes are put through their paces before being offered and include testing in the most extreme conditions including the tortures of desert heat, the brutal cold at high elevations of 6000+ feet, all the while being used for daily driving and heavy track use. We do also offer remote tuning for anyone looking for something a little more exotic beyond the standard tuning solutions we offer, so if you have questions please ask. In the mean time for a little more on the Innovate Supercharger Stage 1 "Tuner" Map we offer click here Cheers, William Knose