PhoneFlash by ECUTEK - Supported by Delicious Tuning

We have some really exciting news called "PhoneFlash by ECUTEK". Coming, June 21st 2021, EcuTeK will be releasing the ability to flash your vehicle from your phone over bluetooth. The best part is you will no longer need the deskey dongle or laptop while also being able to maintain your tunes in one easy location, the EcuTeK ECU Connect Application.

Tunes can be purchased through any Master Tuner who supports PhoneFlash as a tuning option (this will be noted on the EcuTeK Dealer portal). Delicious Tuning will be offering this as a reflash option as soon as it becomes available. * Note there is an additional price to enable this feature according to ECUTEK (while we do not expect it to be much), it is a one time cost and will have the official pricing next week.

If you would like to purchase the PhoneFlash upgrade. Click Here
Any questions please ask. We will be releasing more information as it becomes available.