2015-21 STi Fuel Kit (Green Speed Compatible)

List price: $650.00
Price: $595.00

Shipping Date: April 22nd, 2024

Delicious Tuning - Flex Fuel Kit (with FutureFlex Technology) is a completely seamless E85 Flex Fuel solution for the latest Cobb Pro Tuning Software (specifically Cobb Custom Features V3, CCF3, Green Speed) while retaining all TGV functionality. Ethanol content and the optional fuel pressure upgrade can be monitored through the Cobb datalogs and natively through the Cobb Accessport Display Screen. Installation can be completed with the OEM fuel rail system and fuel pressure regulator, all from the top of the engine with no need to climb, crawl, or slide your way underneath the vehicle.   

Green Speed TGV Input (option) - All emissions related devices are still 100% operational with Flex Fuel Kit (Cobb Green Speed Software, CCF3) as it was intended by the vehicles OEM engine management system. 

The Flex Fuel system determines the content ratio between gasoline and ethanol content in the fuel. It then sends a signal to the ECU which dynamically computes the correct air/fuel ratios, ignition timing values, boost levels, cam angles, traction control and more based on the ethanol content. This kit features an fuel pressure monitoring (optional) and as well as ethanol content through the Delicious Tuning Bluetooth App. Confused about E85 ethanol and Flexfuel? Visit our FAQ.

NEW Smartphone App (Released 6/28/2023) - With the release of our new Flex Fuel Kit (with FutureFlex Technology), we will also be releasing a new smartphone app for the iPhone and Android platforms. Future updates coming 2023 will include automatic error testing and diagnosis, end user ability to enable/disable fuel pressure monitoring, and safety systems. Supports Apple iPhone, Android Android OS 11+ (Delicious Flex V3) and Android Android OS 10 (Delicious Flex V2, to be discontinued January 1st 2024)

Delicious Tuning Flex Fuel Bluetooth Kit includes:

- Delicious Tuning Flex Fuel Ethanol Content Analyzer with Integrated BlueTooth
- Delicious Tuning Smart Phone Applications (Android or iPhone Compatible)
- Delicious Tuning Hand Assembled and Pressure Tested Fuel Lines
- Delicious Tuning Mounting Bracket and Hardware
- Delicious Tuning Plug and Play Harness
- Delicious Tuning Flex Fuel Sensor

Optional Add-On (Select from drop-down below)
- Delicious Tuning Fuel Pressure Sensor Kit 
- Measure Fuel Pressure through the Delicious App (Android/iPhone)

- This update can only be used with the Cobb Accessport V3 (Cobb Custom Features V3, CCF3)
- A new flex fuel tune from us or an authorized Cobb Protuner