What is Flex Fuel, Ethanol and E85?

What is the difference between Ethanol, E85 and FlexFuel? I thought they were the same thing…

Ethanol is an alcohol derived from distilling plant matter, typically corn and sugarcane byproducts.

E85 is a certain concentration of fuel and ethanol, being anywhere between 51-85% ethanol and the remaining percentage is gasoline. This percentage is legally mandated by state and local laws and can vary seasonally. Given this variance in percentage, when you fill up with E85 you do not know exactly what percentage you're getting, unless you have a way to measure it. 

- A FlexFuel system informs the ECU (engine control unit) through an ethanol content sensor and electronics, that measure the actual content of Ethanol in the fuel system. Knowing the content allows the ECU to determine proper start up enrichment, fueling, timing, boost and cam control. This systems allows the vehicle to be "flexible" in terms of what fuel it can run, either pump gas 91-93 octane to E85 or any percentage in between. One thing to note is that pump gas itself can also have a percentage of ethanol in it as well, 0-15% depending on where you're getting the gas, as some countries have not ethanol in their pump gas. This type of sensing and adjusting without any human intervention is what makes a true flexfuel system flexible. 

Is this the same thing as switching between different tunes provided by a professional tuner?

- No, it is not the same. When you receive E85 and 91-93 octane tunes, you may receive a very good tune based on that exact percentage of ethanol content it was tuned for at that time. However, given the wide range of percentage of ethanol content in E85 fuels, you won't know exactly what percentage you're at currently or if it is the same percentage you were tuned for originally. Plus, if you're switching from pump gas to E85 there is no way to tell how much pump gas is in your system before you put in E85, thus the resulting percentage of ethanol-gasoline mix may not be the same as the vehicle was tuned for and could result in engine damage. 

The Delicious Tuning FlexFuel allows me to fill up with any quantity of gasoline and/or ethanol?

- Yes, with our FlexFuel kit all the guessing is gone, just fill up and go. The ECU will dynamically change the mapping based on any ethanol percentage.

How hard is it to install the Delicious Tuning FlexFuel BlueTooth Kit?

- The Delicious Tuning FlexFuel kit is easy to install, disconnecting two fuel lines with the provided tool, disconnecting one sensor, installing our own mounting bracket and plugging the new connections into your vehicle. The total install time should take no longer than 20-30 minutes.

Do I need to cut/splice/solder, or tamper with any of the OEM wires or hoses in the vehicle?

- No. Our specific kit is designed to plug into your factory harness and factory fuel lines, along with proper mounting brackets that make for an OEM look, feel and finish.  No need to run wires through the firewall, no need to lift the vehicle. Just pop your hood, plug in and go.

Can my vehicle be returned to stock by simply removing the system?

- Yes, your vehicle can be returned to completely stock by removing our installation package. No wires are spliced no hoses cut, remove our mounting bracket, just unplug our system and plug your OEM system back in.

Do I need anything else besides the Delicious Tuning FlexFuel Kit to run E85?

- Yes, you will need a way to tune the vehicle via EcuTeK or Cobb and a FlexFuel Tune from a Professional Tuner, such as ourselves or a Delicious Tuning FlexFuel Dealer. 
- In the event you have a forced induction application (turbocharger, supercharger) on your vehicle, in most cases you will need larger injectors and fuel pump. Please call or email about this. 

Do I need two tunes with FlexFuel, one for E85 and one for gasoline (petrol)?

- No, you only need one tune for our FlexFuel package. Our tunes are designed to determine the proper engine parameters based on the ethanol content of the fuel. Reflash your vehicle with our tune, pump in whatever percentage of ethanol or base gasoline (91 or 93 octane)  you choose and go.

Why do I need to retune my OEM engine management?

- Delicious Tuning implements additional custom designed tables into the stock engine management system to properly adjust for optimal air/fuel ratios, ignition timing values, boost levels, cam angles, traction control and much more based on the actual ethanol content.

What is the benefit of Ethanol?

- Higher equivalent octane rating of 105

- Cleaner burning fuel, for cleaner emissions

- Cools the engine quickly, which is great for hot climates

-Typically costs less than pump gasoline

What are the drawbacks of Ethanol?

- Fuel economy will drop about 30-35% with a blend of pure E85

- You will need the ability to retune the OEM engine management system in the vehicle.

- Cold climate starting will be harder due to poor atomization properties of ethanol. Generally, you want to run a lower ethanol percentage in cold climates, under 65%.  

How do I view the ethanol content with the Delicious Tuning FlexFuel BlueTooth Kit?

- Download our Android application and connect to the Delicious Tuning FFBT unit to view your ethanol content.  It is also possible to view the ethanol content in Ecutek software, under Custom Map P or displayed on the Accessport.