BRZ/FRS/86 - Air / Oil Separator

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The Delicious Tuning Air / Oil Separator (AOS) is a plug & play installation that fits most applications (NA, Supercharger, Turbo) on the 86 platform. One of the primary concerns on the development of our AOS was to ensure that all emission control devices are working as intended and nothing has been removed from the vehicles breather system, (including the PCV). While we may not be the first to create an AOS, we saw a need for a simple plug-n-play system for almost all forced induction applications that will also work with naturally aspirated vehicles (for those looking to upgrade down the road). The number one reason to have an AOS is to remove the oil ingested by the engine that comes from the OEM breather system. Below are a list of reasons why this is a good thing. 

Benefits of the Delicious Tuning AOS

- Reduces engine oil ingestion
- Reduces harmful cylinder hot spots
- Reduces pre-ignition and knock activity
- Reduces fuel vapor contamination
- Longer engine life expectancy
- Simple installation and maintenance free
- Drains freely into the crank case
- AOS is mounted 4 inches above the engine block
- Fits most forced induction applications
- Retains OEM PCV and breather system

Model Year Compatiblity

2013 - 2020 Subaru BRZ (All LHD Models)
2013 - 2016 Scion FR-S (All LHD Models)
2017 - 2020 Toyota GT86 (All LHD Models)
2013 - 2020 Works Turbo Kit - Not Compatible

Included in Order

Air / Oil Separator (1)
PCV SAE 30R7 Hose (96 inches)
High Quality Clamps (8)
Digital Install Guide ​​​​​​(1)
Union 3/8-1/2 Adaptor (Edelbrock Only) (1)