2022 Subaru BRZ - Dyno Testing

We just completed some initial testing on the 2022 Subaru BRZ and honestly we were quite shocked at some of the results. Before diving into all this, we wanted to explain a little more about our AWD Dyno  Dynamics and how it works. In general there seems to be a lot of confusion about dyno numbers, wheel, horsepower, flywheel, etc....

The horsepower numbers Delicious Tuning reports are what we consider "DynoJet" equivalent numbers. So if you were to bring your car to a DynoJet on the same day and in the same conditions it would make a similar horsepower number. Why do we do this? We do this for one main reason because DynoJet has been in the business longer than anyone and has set the standard, sadly that standard is a wheel horsepower number multiplied by ~1.17 to get an estimated flywheel horsepower.

We will be comparing two cars. 
1. 2022 Subaru BRZ Manual on California 91 octane fuel
2. 2015 Subaru BRZ Manual on California 91 octane fuel

Without further ado:

Estimated "DynoJet" equivalent horsepower and torque dyno graphs.  


Wheel horsepower and wheel torque dyno graphs. 


Horsepower numbers versus air fuel ratios.