VF Tuner Programming Interface

List price: $695.00
Price: $695.00

Introducing the VF Tuner Programming Kit. Finally a custom remote tuning solution for the Toyota / Lexus / Scion with the ability to remote tune your vehicle. In the near future we will be offering custom Flex Fuel support for a large range of these vehicles. 

Unique features of the VF Tuner Programming Kit.
- Program your vehicle's ECU through a Windows 8/10 capable laptop using the link on our INFO page
- Plugs directly into OBD2 port uses very extremely little power and can be just left in, no wiring or software drivers required.
- Integrated data logging and check engine light software so you can send logs to us for review. 

- VF Tuner Programming Kit License

- Delicious Tuning Stage Tune 

***Once Order is Placed***
Please follow the steps on page 2 of the installation instructions on the laptop you will use for reprogramming the ECU. This process can take 1-2 business days to complete. 
- Installation instructions PDF can be found on our INFO PAGE