PowerPlug for the Toyota Supra MK V

List price: $595.00
Price: $495.00

The PowerPlug is a true plug and play external power module used adjust the power levels of the engine in order to create more or less power while still retaining all the the factory equipment and safety features of the vehicle's ECU. This in no way reprograms the ECU in any way shape or form and that has one major advantage, it is quick, easy and leave no trace of being installed on the vehicle.

The PowerPlug has the unique ability to switch between four different power modes from your handheld phone. The application can switch between different modes at the click of a button on the phone and PowerPlug is linked to the owners phone by a unique password so no one else can connect into it.

PowerPlug module power modes. 
1. Stock Mode - Stock Horsepower (310 hp) and Torque (365 tq) on 91 octane
2. 91 Octane Mode - For 91 octane 40+ Horsepower and 40+ Torque
3. 93 Octane Mode - For 93 (or higher) octane 60+ Horsepower and 60+ Torque
3. 100 Octane Mode - For 98 (or higher) octane 80+ Horsepower and 100+ Torque

1. More power and torque across the entire powerband (including 91 and 93+ octane fuels)
2. Switchable power modes via PowerPlug Application (for Apple BlueTooth Enabled Device)
3. 100% true plug and play and no trace left behind



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