Base Map or Break-In Map

List price: $350.00
Price: $350.00

Delicious Tuning - Break in / Base Maps are for getting your engine running at a bare minimum to start diagnosing or to break in a newly built engine. These maps are not for hard driving or running high boost pressure.

Base Maps / Break In Maps can be applied to dyno tuning at a later time. 
We apply half of the price of the base map purchase towards dyno tuning at anyone of the dyno tuning facilities we use around the west coast. This allows you to break your vehicle in properly on new turbo installations, engine installation or anything else that may need a break in period and requres a base tune in order to do so. 

These maps are designed as a one size fits all and are not custom tunes. In most scenarios we will set the wastegate duty cycles to 0% since these tunes are designed for break in or a base map to get you to the dyno for custom tuning. 

The process of Base Map or Break-In Maps:

1. We will need to know all the engine performance parts on your vehicle. (Sometimes we suggest changing, adding or even removing parts).
2. Once we have determined and agreed with the modifications you have performed we can then send you a base map to begin tuning. (EcuTeK cable of Cobb AP required)

Delicious Tuning Information and FAQ Page - CLICK HERE
- How to datalog with your AccessPort V2 or V3
- How to datalog with your EcuTeK ProECU
- What parameters to log for various cars
- How to install and uninstall software systems
- Installing the Cobb AccessPort
- Installing the EcuTeK Tuning Solution
- Driving Conditions to Log

- Cobb AccessPort or 
EcuTeK ProECU (requires EcuTeK License)
- REQUIRED to reflash ECU with EcuTeK maps EcuTeK ProECU License
- REQUIRED if ECU has not previously been tuned with EcuTeK (can be purchased with cable kit)

EcuTeK ProECU Cable Kit through Delicious Tuning
Cobb AccessPort V3 through Delicious Tuning

Warranty and Disclaimer
All tunes are off the shelf, base tunes and are designed around specifically installed parts and equipment on your vehicle. Due to the variances in vehicles and/or performance parts we can guarantee any performance related aspects that may be assumed or expected by the owner of the vehicle. While these tunes are heavily tested on our in house vehicles and designed to work out of the box, we do not offer any warranty on any tunes that are installed. If additional changes are requested we do offer updates, revisions, and tweaks to any and all tunes/ maps at standard service rates
Found -> Help ->About->Sticker Serial #: V3 AP: SUB0101234, V2 AP: 01234
Found -> EcuTeK App Downloader, ex: (6A DE 11) Ignore this if you don't have Ecutek yet.
- REQUIRED if you do not have an EcuTeK Cable or Bluetooth Programmer
This is a Flex Fuel Map designed to work with our Delicious Tuning Flex Fuel Kit
ex. DW 700cc, FIC 770cc, ID 725cc, Bosch EV14 1000cc