Pops & Bangs Map

List price: $150.00
Price: $150.00

Delicious Tuning - Pops & Bangs Map adds all the good sounds when you want them. This can only be added to any tune we currently offer or added to a tune that you already purchased, please select in the drop down what current Delicious Tuning Tune you currently run or select buy w/ tune and purchase a tune separately.

How to use:

1. Select the Pops & Bangs Map using Ecutek's map selection through cruise control or other selection processes.
2. Drive the vehicle at a steady RPM over 3000 RPM, (3500 RPM ideally) then with the car still in gear let off the accelerator pedal and lightly apply pressure to the accelerator pedal. At this point, the engine should make loud popping sounds. 
3. Use responsibly, we are not liable for damage to your vehicle, property, others or legal fees.


We will need your OTS map you are currently using on your AccessPort (this can be downloaded from the AP through the AccessPort manager).

Cobb Serial Number 

We will also need the Serial number of the AP (found under Help ->About->Sticker Serial #).  

***Only recommended for vehicles with full exhaust systems*** 






Mitsubishi Evo X:



Mustang EcoBoost:



Additional Updates/Revisions Available for Purchase
Updates/Revisions/Tweaks remote service work available

Turnaround Time on Tunes
Due to the heavy demand for tunes all tunes ordered online, orders may take up to 3 business days to process, but this is not a guarantee. This means a tune ordered on Friday may be delivered as late as midnight Wednesday the following week as Saturday and Sunday are considered non-business days. 

Warranty and Disclaimer
All tunes are off the shelf, base tunes and are designed around specifically installed parts and equipment on your vehicle. Due to the variances in vehicles and/or performance parts we can guarantee any performance related aspects that may be assumed or expected by the owner of the vehicle. While these tunes are heavily tested on our in house vehicles and designed to work out of the box as a base tune for your vehicle and we do not offer any warranty on any tunes that are installed. If additional changes are requested we do offer updates, revisions, and/or tweaks to any and all tunes/ maps at standard service rates


Found under Help ->About->Sticker Serial #: V3 AP: SUB0101234, V2 AP: 01234
Found thru EcuTeK App Downloader, ex: (6A DE 11) Ignore this if you don't have Ecutek yet.
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